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Linda Messbauer has recently been featured on the She Knows Parenting web site, in an article that details the creation and use of a Multi-Sensory Environment.

In the article, Linda states:

"A multi-sensory environment is not a plug and play toy," Messbauer emphasizes. "Look for a qualified person who has actually been through at least two to three days of training — at least 16 hours working and learning in an actual MSE room — and has worked with children in an MSE for at least one year for assistance and questions before you buy materials."

Grand Opening of MSE at Wayland-Cohocton Central School

Linda wanted to share with you a speech written by Mr. Robert Hughes for the Grand Opening of the MSE at Wayland-Cohocton Central School. Mr. and Mrs. Hughes are both Teachers and the Parents of a Child with ASD. Their leadership and perseverance lead to this moment…Read Mr. Hughes wonderful account of their journey...

Isaac Newton, Yogi Berra, and the 14th Dalai Lama

Linda Messbauer at Community Options, Inc.

Linda appears in a new video posted by Red Ribbon Academy for Community Options, Inc. in New York. The video shows the facility, and shows some incredible progress of a client.

Please click here for the Youtube video

3D Renderings for your room design!

Linda is now offering the latest in 3D renderings of your MSE room Design. See what a difference this can make in your Fund Raising Efforts or Presentation to your Board of Directors! Speak to Linda regarding details.

Click the Read More icon to see examples of renderings!

Vibro-acoustics and it's role in MSE treatment

Linda was asked by one of the vendors to write a short article on the topic of: Why Vibro-acoustic Equipment should be part of your MSE Treatment? She wanted to share it with her visitors because it speaks to how important maintaining novelty is in treatment for transitional changes for adaptation. Remember this is a Dynamic Systems approach and technique.

You may read the article Here.

Lights and Music Stimulate the Senses in Martinsville!

Channel WDBJ7 in Martinsville, Viginia is currently featuring a story about a MSE new room at King's Grant Retirement Community. The MSE is helping residents with Dementia or Alzheimer's to relax and engage in sensory stimulus.