Research and Articles


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Following is a list of student research projects supervised by Linda Messbauer while serving as Occupational Therapy Clinical Student Supervisor for: (a.) NYU, NY, (b.) Downstate Medical Centre, SUNY, (c.) Dominican College, Westchester, NY, (d.) Mercy College, Westchester, NY, (e.) York College, Queens, NY and (f.) La Guardia, CUNY, Queens, NY.

Linda also served as Volunteer Student Supervisor for CUNY, NY from 1998 to 2005 for the Kennedy Fellowship Program. The program awarded scholarships to students working for degrees in the area of Developmental Disabilities.

  • 2000 - Gallo, J., Lund, A., Schwed, A., Tannenbaum
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    Unpublished Masters Student Project, NYU
  • 1999 - Lin, M
    "Effects of a Multisensory Approach on Self-injurious Behavior and Functional Engagement in Adults with Severe Mental Retardation"
    Unpublished Masters Student Project, NYU
  • 1994 - Cheng, L.
    "Effects Of Specific Visual and Auditory Stimulation in Snoezelen on the Stereotyped Behavior of Autistic Adults with Profound Mental Retardation"
    Unpublished Masters Student Project, NYU