A Room That Uses the Other Eighty Percent

Linda has been featured in The Exponent, the newspaper of East Grand Forks, Minnesota. She was called in as a consultant to train the staff in the use of their new Multi-Sensory Environment. The article as follows:

A Room That Uses the Other Eighty Percent

By Jordan Meyer
March 30, 2011

The Polk County DAC in East Grand Forks recently added a multi-sensory room to further help their clients.

With the help of various grants, the Polk County DAC was able to add this room and bring in Linda Messbauer, a consultant from New York, to help train the staff on how to use the room with clients.

The idea of making this room began ten years ago, but it wasn’t until recently when things started to come together.

The multi-sensory room is equipped with lights, sounds and textures which are all meant to help relax whomever is in the room.

For many of the DAC’s clients, the outside world is a sensory overload in which they have no control. In this room, however, the client has full control. They choose the lights and sounds and are often quickly mesmerized by the bubble tubes or fiber-optic lights. Their bodies may calm to the feeling of the vibro-acoustic seat, heated waterbed or ball pit. In this room there is something for every client to enjoy.

“It’s like a 60’s room without the drugs,” Messbauer said jokingly.

The multi-sensory room uses a persons’ senses as both a therapeutic tool as well as entertainment.

“This room is to help improve the quality of life for everyone,” Messbauer said. “It helps promote a balance the clients can feel.”

It is true that humans use their cognitive parts of their brain for only 10-20 percent of their activity while the other 80-90 percent is used by their senses. So, this room is meant to help clients live better in the outside world by enhancing their ability to deal with their senses.

“10-20 percent of what we do is cognitive. The other 80 percent is taken care of by our senses. Most of us take our senses for granted until something happens to them. So, if you want to teach something somebody who is having problems, do you want to go on the path has 10-20 percent of the 80 percent? I wanna go the 80 percent. It makes sense to me.” said Messbauer.

The multi-sensory room will surely be a great tool to help the clients at the DAC in East Grand Forks. Clients will begin using this room later this week.