Another Testimonial

We would like to share another testimonial from a recent training session that Linda has done. This comes from Shanna C. Wright, RN BSN CDP, the Director of Health Services at the Kings Grant Retirement Community in Martinsville Virginia:

Linda was great to work with! She catered our training to our facility’s individual needs and resident population. She was flexible with her schedule and broke training sessions into classroom knowledge of how multi-sensory environments came to exist and what parts of the brain they stimulate, as well as, hands on experience with the equipment. She was available prior to start up, consulting for the equipment needs, based on the room size as well as room design. She has been readily available after training as well for additional questions. Her services didn’t end the day she left! We look forward to a long lasting relationship with her! She is truly an expert in her field!

Shanna C. Wright RN BSN CDP
Director of Health Services
Kings Grant Retirement Community
Martinsville VA 24112

Thanks very much to Shanna and the good folk at the Kings Grant Retirement Community! Below you can read a couple more snippets from the dialogue that Linda and Shanna had (e-mail excerpts below are reprinted with permission):

From: Linda Messbauer
To: Shanna Wright
Subject: Re:
Hi Great stuff and you’re on the correct path, it really is all about that memory and pleasure, isn’t it. Nice examples of this. Thank you, Linda
Linda Messbauer

From: Shanna Wright
To: lmessbauer
Subject: RE:
I took a lady in yesterday that gets combative in the afternoon, she got so relaxed and did fall off to sleep so I let her enjoy the peace. I could tell she was getting it though, her eyes would flicker with each light change (as you were pointing out, they still see it with eyes closed) the only thing, at the end when I asked did she enjoy the show she said but would prefer words to the music…. It kind of caught me off guard as I wasn’t aware she was that alert! I am going to try her again and play piano music as she used to play and see if I get the same response. This morning I took the lady in you commented on with her head slumped down and in her geri-recliner. Her head lifted immediately, she watched the whole time from side to side and head was raised!! Just amazing. She wants to come back as well.