Expert Helps Staff Learn to Use Sensorium

Linda’s visit to the Filling Home in Ohio has been featured in The Crescent News of Ohio. The article as follows:

Expert Helps Staff Learn to Use Sensorium

Equipment to aid Filling home individuals.

By Jared Orzolek
May 7, 2010

NAPOLEON – A leading expert in the utilization of multi-sensory environments to treat people with developmental disabilities was in Napoleon Thursday to assist the staff at the Filling Memorial Home of Mercy.

Linda Messbauer helped the Filling Home maximize the potential of the organization’s new “sensorium”, which stimulates the mind using sound, sight and touch to benefit the individuals with developmental disabilities.

Filling Home residents and daytime guests can use the sensorium, which was recently expanded with the help of donations from the local community.
Messbauer is the founding member of the American Association of Multi-Sensory Environments. The Filling Homes’ sensorium features light desplays, music and specialized furniture.

“It allows the folks who come into the room to communicate what they are feeling,” Messbauer said, adding the the soothing sounds and lights in the sensorium can pick up the feelings of an individual who is feeling depressed or calm a person who is agitated.

The stimulation of the senses allows individuals to feel a sense of well-being and promotes choice, relationship development and interaction.

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