Recent Updates!

Linda has been very busy over the last number of months. She is delighted to say her MSE is under construction and a newly designed room with improvements is on its way.

Recently Linda’s Design work and MSE concept at Upstate Golisano Children’s Hospital in Syracuse has been featured on Euronews in a segment on the show Learning World. You can see the segment on YOUTUBE by clicking this link.

Linda will be co-presenting at the AOTA conference in Nashville, Tenn. with Doctor Janice Ryan on Multi-Sensory Benefits for those with Dementia, including Alzheimer’s.

Over the last year she completed Multi-sensory room Designs and training for two group homes in Brooklyn for H.A.S.C, a Day Program for Adults with Autism in Bergen County United Way in NJ, Phoenix Center, Inc., a School for children with Autism in NJ which received a Grant form Seton Hall University for their room. Linda just finished a project and training at Augustana Care Center for an Alzheimer’s program in MN. She has had projects in MI, TENN., OH, VA and CA and of course New York.

The International World Health Organization has asked permission to use Linda’s room Design Pictures for their Quality Rights: Standards and Quality in Mental Health Care, materials. They are highlighting the use of “Comfort Rooms” to reduce seclusion and restraints. Linda worked with Barbara Vartanian, MS, LMHC, starting in 2006 to develop the first Multi-Sensory Room /Snoezelen in a State of New York facility for use with Inpatient Children ages 5 to 17 in Binghamton for Mental Health. Below is a copy of the results; You can see by the graph that the episodes of restraint went down as the use of the MSE went up, until May when the Doctor at the time, made going into the room contingent on good behavior…once Linda paid a visit and convinced the Doctor this was a “proactive” approach; the Sensory Room usage went up and restraint use went down again, until the unit went restraint free in March of 2008.