The 9th International Snoezelen Conference

The 9th International Snoezelen Congress (ISNA) held in Paris Oct. 19-21, 2011 was a great success. With over 250 people and 15 countries represented, this venue offered many opportunities to exchange ideas and hear new concepts and research. Some of the interesting dialog was on the new draft of a more inclusive definition of Snoezelen/Multisensory Environments that is being put forth to the World.

Linda had an opportunity to present the evolving Therapeutic approach from 1992 to the present and underscore the basic principles of Snoezelen: which are using respect, choice and empowerment with Controlled Multi-Sensory Stimulation to illicit through the individual changes in brain neuroplasticity.

Linda was honored to be invited on the Board of Directors of ISNA and looks forward to volunteering her services.