Multi-Sensory Environment Design Services

Design Services will determine:

  1. What equipment will serve your populations capabilities
  2. What equipment will be most cost effective
  3. What equipment will work best with your space configuration
  4. What and if any interior or electrical modifications will be necessary
  5. What equipment has what therapeutic, educational or recreational value for your group

Our Multi-Sensory Room Design Services take into account your goals, budget and staffing as well as your specific client needs. We (can/out) guide you in creating a room, or developing a mobile unit that transforms your space by selecting/purchasing and/or making cost effective equipment. We pride ourselves on delivering a quality product that will help your clients meet the physical, emotional and cognitive challenges they face. Together we can make sure your room is well designed and is a positive experience for your clients.

Please contact us for a free consultation at 718-776-3015 or email us at