AAMSE Summary Research Report from 8th Annual Snoezelen Association

AAMSE Summary Research Report from 8th International Snoezelen Association (ISNA) Symposium Sponsored by the Christopher Douglas Hidden Angel Foundation Birmingham, AL October 1-3, 2010 Below is a scientific summary of some of the sessions at the ISNA meeting earlier this month in Alabama. This summary is from Doctor Chris Giza; “I have only included sessions …

Activity Professionals of Ontario Conference and Sensory Experiences

As an Occupational Therapist and Multi-Sensory Environment Practitioner, it is rare that I get an opportunity to meet a group of professionals that will burst into song and light up my life, but that is what happened at the APO “Unique and United” Conference on October 20-22, 2010. Just as I was demonstrating the process …

APO Conference 2010

Linda will be presenting and training at the 2010 Activity Professionals of Ontario Convention. This session will provide a basic overview and will address some of the reasons for the need of a Multi-Sensory Environment (MSE) to benefit our resident’s needs. This session will give the participants an understanding of what a sensory diet is and an understanding of the sensory process. Participants will gain a better knowledge of how to combine these two elements and a MSE for a successful treatment.

Expert Helps Staff Learn to Use Sensorium

Linda’s visit to the Filling Home in Ohio has been featured in The Crescent News of Ohio. The article as follows:

Expert Helps Staff Learn to Use Sensorium

Equipment to aid Filling home individuals.

By Jared Orzolek
May 7, 2010

NAPOLEON – A leading expert in the utilization of multi-sensory environments to treat people with developmental disabilities was in Napoleon Thursday to assist the staff at the Filling Memorial Home of Mercy.

Snoezelen Room at Stockton Elementary

Linda has had the opportunity to work with the good people at Stockton Elementary in Chicago to create a Snoezelen Room facility. The room has recently been featured as a video news article on the City of Chicago’s website.

Linda helped design the Multi-Sensory Environment and trained it’s practitioners. Visit our Services Page to learn more about the services Linda provides.

Why Should a Multi-Sensory Environment be White in Color?

An MSE room should be painted a white color because: 1. Empowerment: Painted white the room can represent a canvas ready to be painted on. The user gets to choosethe colors of the equipment he/she prefers to turn on against a neutral background. This helps to empower the person. 2. Contrast: The practitioner uses the …

Turning Down the Burner without Turning off the Stove

Preventing sleeping in MULTI-SENSORY ENVIRONMENTS During many of my workshops, practitioners who use Multi-sensory environments with individuals with Developmental Disabilities, comment that after six to nine months their children and adults lose interest and fall asleep. I would like to address this issue because it is of growing concern to me, that individuals using these …

We Forget We Are A Part of the Environment…

As practitioners who wish to promote change for other individuals we must become conscious of the fact that our very presence is an element of change. We human beings are organisms that respond to change. We record, process, evaluate and possibly respond to our internal and external environment. We are monitors of change. Every sensation …

Multi-Sensory Environment – A Protocol for Individuals with Autism

Introduction: When building a dedicated MSE room it is important to control the outside and external influences or variables upon the individual. Variables such as noise levels, light intensities, privacy and even room temperature can be controlled. This is important because it sets the stage for comfort and allows the individual the opportunity to control …