Alzheimer’s Dementia, Hospice, and Palliative Care

For those of you serving the above individuals, the Multi-Sensory Approach; whether it is in a dedicated Multi-sensory room, with a mobile unit at bedside or suitcase taken into the home, there must be an acknowledgement of your purpose. It is to provide a Quality of Life through the end of Life.

In Dementia care; you must think of the application of stimulation to the senses as waking up the mind, touching the heart and inspiring memory recall all through the dynamic process of Pleasure and Joy… with the MSE approach.

The balance of reducing stress and promoting the relaxation process will help the individual but, ultimately put them to sleep unless you increase their arousal through pleasure/joy and engage them. Life is about living. It has been a journey of social and emotional contacts. The individual withdrawn due to disease process is still in there and needs a new avenue to communicate; the Multi-Sensory Approach builds that road…

My experience with individuals at the end stages of dying will let you know what they need and you can be there for them, so they are not alone.

Remember, someday you may find yourself or loved one in the same situation.

© Linda Messbauer, June 20011