Linda Messbauer
75-11 198th Street
Fresh Meadows, N.Y. 11366
(718) 776-3015

New York University, 1977, M.A. Occupational Therapy
SUNY College at Buffalo, 1972, B.S. Education
New York Institute for Applied Behavior Management, 2005 – 2006

2006 –Present: Sense-Zational Environments, LLC, New York, Owner, Designer and Multi-Sensory Trainer, work has included over 250 courses, lectures, and Key Note speaking on various applications of MSE to populations including: Autism, Dementia, Alzheimer’s, TBI, Hospice and Palliative Care, Medically Fragile Client, Developmental Disabilities, Mental Health, Clients on Ventilators, Adults and Children with Severe Challenging Behaviors. I created a unique model of Treatment for the Multi-sensory Environment utilizing evaluations and protocols developed in line with the trends and research in the complex sciences. This Multi-Sensory Human Systems Dynamic Model creates a new portal into self-initiation and social-emotional relation paradigms. I am a Founding member and current Trainer of the American Association of Multi-Sensory Environments. Have published articles in variety of media and including Exceptional Parent Magazine and newspapers. Developed a web site for the dissemination of materials and resources for public education. (See: Consulted to Hospitals and Organizations interested in pursuing research into the benefits of MSE. Participated and spoke at ISNA conferences, Worldwide Snoezelen Conferences and was an original member of the Snoezelen Worldwide Foundation.

1992 – Present, Consultant, Designing Multi-sensory Environments / Snoezelen Concept Rooms for organizations and non-for-profit agencies. Consulted to architects and administrations, on the topic of Functional Environments for populations with special needs which was incorporated into future building constructions. Pioneered, Designed and Developed the First Snoezelen room in the United States in 1992.

1995 – 2005, Lifespire, INC., New York, N.Y. Rehabilitation Coordinator

Responsibilities: Direct administration of multiple sites for rehabilitative services including Speech, Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy. Supervisor of student clinical internship programs with New York University, LaGuardia College, Dominican College, and Downstate Medical SUNY. Developed a treatment model for the use in Multi-Sensory Environments and participated in research on the efficacy of this modality.

Kaplan, H., Clopton, M., Kaplan, M. & Messbauer, L. Snoezelen: task engagement and generalization, Research In Developmental Disabilities, Vol.
27, (2006), p. 443-455

Kaplan, H., Messbauer, L., Cassone, P., Hore, P., Revell, S., & Macalvanah, T. The effects of tai-chi on seniors with developmental disabilities. 2003. Physical and Occupational Therapy in Geriatrics, Vol. 21(4), p. 41-51.

Kaplan, H., Messbauer, L., Clopton, M., McPherson, K. (2004) Snoezelen: a pilot study of task engagement and generalization, NADD Bulletin, Vol. 7 , Number 3, p. 63-68.

1986 to 2005 Occupational Therapy Clinical Student Supervisor for:
New York University, NY
Downstate Medical Center, SUNY
Dominican College, Westchester, NY
Mercy College, Westchester, NY
York College, Queens, NY
La Guardia, CUNY, Queens, NY

Gallo, J., Lund, A., Schwed, A., Tannenbaum, The Effects of a Snoezelen Environment on an Adult with Developmental Disabilities Exhibiting Tactile Defensive Behaviors, Unpublished Masters Student Project, NYU, 2001

Lin, M., Effects of a Multisensory Approach on Self-injurious Behavior and Functional Engagement in Adults with Severe Mental Retardation, Unpublished Masters Student Project, NYU, 1999

Cheng, L., Effects of Specific Visual and Auditory Stimulation in Snoezelen on the Stereotyped Behavior of Autistic Adults with Profound Mental Retardation, Unpublished Masters Student Project, NYU, 1994

1979-1986 United Cerebral Palsy of New York City, N.Y. Program Director

Responsibilities included administration and implementation of a Pre-School, Non-Public School, and two Adult Day Treatment Programs for Multiple Handicapped Populations under New York State Department of Education and N.Y.S. Office of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities regulations. Opened First Day Treatment Program in New York City for Non-ambulatory populations from Willowbrook State School. ¬ Initiated, wrote and directed bio-educational electronics program (BEEP) a grant under Public Law 89-313 – Developed electronically adapted toys which promoted positive interaction with environment and reversed learned help¬lessness, program now replicated through¬out U.C.P. centers.

1977-1979 United Cerebral Palsy of New York State, N.Y. Occupational Therapist / Clinical Coordinator

Designed and monitored daily clinical programs in compliance with Willowbrook Consent Decree and Intermediate Care Facility regulations for severely handicapped population. The largest state institution in the United States. Responsibilities included evaluation and treatment programs for multiple handicapped children with an emphasis on the neuro-developmental and sensory integration treatment approaches.

1972-1975 Jewish Home and Hospital for the Aged, N.Y.C. Occupational Therapist

Established therapeutic activities for Geriatric population with a variety of disabilities. Helped terminally ill people “let go” and die.

1998 – 2005 Volunteer Student Supervisor: Kennedy Fellowship Program for students working on degrees in the area of Developmental Disabilities, CUNY, NY
1985 – 1995, Occupational Therapist, Program Consultant

* Guild For Exceptional Children
* New York University
* Independent Provider NYC Board of Education
* East River Child Development Center
* Indepen¬dent Living Association
* Working Organization for Retarded Children
* First Step Early Childhood Center
* Association for the Help of Retarded Children
* Advocates for the Severe and Multiply Handicapped

Practice includes: Management and Staff Develop¬ment; Consulting with Architects; Program Design and Implementa¬tion; Audit Prepa¬ration; Systems Design; Teaching and O.T. Private Practice.

American Occupational Therapy Association
Special interest section: Sensory Integration
National Association of Dual Diagnosed; An Association for persons with developmental disabilities and mental health needs
American Association for the Advancement of Science
American Association of Multi-Sensory Environments – Founding member
Children’s Neurobiological Solutions Foundation
National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization